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Meet Radio City 91.1 FM’s RJ Sowjanya, who entered into a job to escape marriage

Hello readers, here’s the story of a woman full of life – Sowjanya, who started her career as a Radio Jockey to escape marriage but has now dedicated 14 years of her life to be known as the voice of Radio City 91.1 FM’s famous show ‘Aithalakadi Morning’.

RJ Sowjanya posing at Radio City Office

This RJ has aced her professional career by working with big TV Channels like Colors, Suvarna, Kasturi and Zee. She has lent her voice for over 20 movies and interviewed some big celebrities, including Sudha Murthy, Dr S P Balasubramaniam, Puneeth Rajkumar and many more.

Tell us something about yourself 

Besides being an RJ for 14 years, I am a trained classical singer and a fitness enthusiast too. I have worked at Radio City 91.1 FM since June 2009. This has been my first and only job since, and I love it every day.

Radio City 91.1 RJ Sowjanya posing with books, Story by The Winged Women

Share some details about you becoming an RJ at Radio City 91.1 FM

When I was in college in 2008, the only thing I wanted was a job. This was just because I wanted to avoid marriage, and my father was trying to get me married as soon as possible. However, I had no clue about what to do. So, my friends suggested that I try Rj’ing as I was really talkative and in those days we all believed that anyone who can talk more can be an RJ.

Radio City's RJ Sowjanya, story by The Winged Women

After that, I contacted RJs of various radio stations, won many contests and started auditioning for vacancies too at radio stations. After three failed job applications with different radio stations, I got selected at Radio City 91.1 FM on June 3, 2009, and began hosting two shows immediately. In just five years, I was promoted to host the drive time show and ever since, I am hosting Aithalakadi Morning (The Breakfast Show).

Earlier, I had hosted a devotional show (Shubodhaya), wherein I covered stories of more than 5000 temples in and across Bengaluru, mythological stories and many more in the field of mythology

RJ Sowjanya clicked with famous celebrities, story by The Winged Women

You said that Rj’ing wasn’t planned in your life. Tell us about the best moment of your career so far.

Yes, it has been 14 years. Almost like Lord Rama’s vanavasa! There are many best moments to speak of, but here’s one.

Unfortunately, one of my ardent listeners, a 60-year-old woman from Bengaluru’s Chamarajpete was battling cancer. She was undergoing chemotherapy when her family members invited me to meet her. What I saw next touched me to the core!

She had kept the radio right next to her bed and used to listen to my morning show every day. On days when her chemotherapy was scheduled, she used to ask her family members to record the show on a tape recorder so she could listen to it later. The fact that someone dealing with so much pain was able to give such love to listen to my show was beyond anything!

As an RJ, your voice is important and inspirational to other women. Does that make you feel powerful and responsible?

Absolutely! Radio is a powerful medium – though it’s often misled as a passive medium! Listeners don’t just hear you; they connect and accept you as a part of their life, talk to you, give their opinions, share their good and bad with you, and get addicted to you – and as RJs we can feel that.

Radio City's talented RJ Sowjanya clicking a selfie

Over a period of time, all RJs feel responsible as we have to give inputs and our takes on anything and almost everything, cos we become the voice and face Iof the station. From humorous topics to serious national issues, we have to lay our opinions, but it comes with a lot of responsibility.

Also, we need to do thorough research to make people listen to us. One only hears you out if they know that you have better things to offer; else they won’t hesitate to point it on your face. It is hard to connect with your listener when sitting in a four-walled room with just a mic.

We noticed that you are too close to your taatha (grandfather), share an experience / advice you got from him

My grandfather – Mr Sunder Raj Iyengar is the sole reason for what and who I am today. My mother tongue is Tamil, but it was because he insisted upon us all to learn Kannada that I can do so well today. It has been seven years since I lost him, but I think of him every day. He loved me, boosted my morale and is my guardian angel always.

RJ Sowjanya with her grandfather. Story by The Winged Women

Covid 19 made it challenging for all working mothers + wives.  Many of them have completely lost hold of me-time – what would you love to advise fellow women

Yes, it was tough for all of us! We didn’t get work from home in the radio – except for a few weeks. Most of us worked harder than before, juggling between work and family. We’ve all lost hold of time because we were busy doing extra work, but then women always manage to find ways.

We are multitaskers in almost everything we do! Despite the hectic schedule, we managed to make time for ourselves. That small cup of tea with the husband, the cute cuddle with kids or our pets, that quick one-page reading, 15-minute yoga and even a visit to the grocery store is worth cherishing. What matters is to have gratitude for every single thing.

Sowjanya’s story is filled with lessons and learnings. If you have learnt something from her, drop it in the comments below. Also, scroll around the website to spot some amazing warrior and influencer stories.

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