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About Us

“Empowered Women, Empowering Women”

The Winged Women is a global sisterhood community aimed at inspiring women and girls with commonality, empathy, love and compassion. We share stories of women who used their strengths to surpass everyday challenges. Women who have not just spread their wings to fly high, but also encouraged others to follow their dreams.

We also give space to women who shattered all boundations and overcame life challenges to become not just survivors but “warriors”. This online platform is a space for sharing stories and details about women entrepreneurs, influencers and all women who unlocked valuable opportunities to give wings to new concepts and ideas.

Considering the privacy concerns of some women, we also allow our winged women to share stories ‘anonymously’ if they want.

The Winged Women welcomes you all with open arms to read, share, inspire and learn more about “empowered women, empowering women”.