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Meet Rifa, the specially abled woman who battled dysgraphia like a warrior

Do you remember the time your classmates called you ‘fat’, ‘shorty’, ‘dumb’ and what not! Relatable right? Most of us have been victims of social bully in the early years of our life. Some of us are still facing it but this specially abled woman has outshined social bullying and given true wings to herself.

Let us take you to the story of Rifa Rafiq Juvale, who successfully beat Dysgraphia to follow her dreams.

Specially abled woman – Rifa celebrating the success of her Instagram food blogging page – @rifa.foodiedeewani

I am a 27-year-old woman aspiring to be a Financial Planner and a Finance Writer. I am also a part time Food Blogger. I was in pre-primary when my parents realised that I was not able to write with ease. This was because I couldn’t hold a pencil properly. Although, I gradually learnt to write, I was quite slow than other kids.

Specially abled woman Rifa in her early childhood. Story by The Winged Women
Baby Rifa

My parents took me to several specialists and therapists, but nobody could actually help with my writing problem until we met Dr Tanuja Prem. She not only motivated me, but also taught me to write. I gave my 100 per cent to write as fast as all other children, but writing was not something that came naturally to me.

During my entire schooling, I faced lots of problems. While some classmates mocked me for not being like them, my friends motivated me to do it all. Considering my medical condition, my teachers gave me extra time to complete all my exams.

differently abled girl - Rifa in her school dress.

Everything was going ok until I had to give my class 10 exams in 2010. While I was preparing to appear for my Class 10 SSC examinations, the school authorities told my parents that I would be needing a special certificate if I needed extra time.

We went from one hospital to another for the certificate, but we were told that I am not eligible as I don’t have any learning disability. Nevertheless, destiny had different plans. According to authorities, this certificate was invalid. At that time, my school’s Principal Mr Ajay Kaul came forward to help. He permitted me have extra time for every paper and I ended up achieving 78 per cent in Board exams.

When people called this a disability, I knew that it was a blessing to be a specially abled woman.

After this, I worked harder and scored 96 per cent marks in Accounts subject in my Class 12 HSC Board Exams.

This was my point of realisation! From here on, I knew that I can do everything that any other normal person can. For my higher studies, I wanted to pursue Chartered Accountancy. I gave my everything to prepare for these exams but unfortunately, I could not clear my IPCC Exam.

Although my dreams of being a CA shattered, I didn’t give up. I thought that maybe destiny wants me to do something else. I just had to figure out my passion.

I went on to complete my Masters of Commerce, and passed with an overall SGPA of 9.06 out of 10.

Differently abled girl - Rifa with her educational certificates. Story by The Winged Women
Rifa with her educational certificates

When I look back at my journey today, I believe that things do not work out in the manner you expect them to, but there is always a reason behind them not working! One shouldn’t feel disheartened. Today, I am a proud specially abled woman who has found her way through life’s challenges.

At this point, I do food blogging for a passion. What started off as a hobby has now become my passion!

Specially abled girl - Rifa writing dishes for her food blogging page. Story by The Winged Women

We are sure that Rifa’s story has shook so many emotions inside you. She is an inspiring woman like no other. If you enjoyed reading this one, please take to the comments section to share your thoughts.

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