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Lost both parents, faced deadly accident, yet didn’t give up: Read more about THIS strong Covid warrior

COVID-19! This word has changed most of the things for many people. While some of us lost track of our organised daily routine and other minor things, many lost loved ones. This story is the about a strong Covid warrior – Aarushi, who lost both her parents amid the pandemic, but chooses to remain strong ahead of all upcoming life challenges. Keep reading if Covid changed your world too!

“It was 20th April, 2020, I lost someone in my family due to Covid-19 and social obligation forced us to go there. Thereafter, my best-friend called me to share that her Covid-positive father was admitted in ICU and she needed my help. I was scared to go because my parents have a compromised immune system, but my friend needed me so I went. I helped her through tough times but unfortunately, we lost her father. I stayed in the hotel for a while and came back home only after I tested negative like a strong Covid warrior.

Strong Covid warrior Arushi Verma. Story by The Winged Women

Right after 2 days, I tested Covid+ at home. I was traumatised because my dad was highly diabetic and my mom was a highly asthmatic heart patient. My whole family tested positive.

My dad’s health started deteriorating after a week although we gave him all possible medications at home. On 10th May, 2020 his sugar levels dropped down and he got unconscious. We were losing him… I took him to the hospital all by myself. The doctors declared him brought dead!!

Parents of Anchor Arushi Verma. Story by The Winged Women
Aarushi’s parents

It was hard for me to tell my mother as she is extremely sensitive but I had to. I did all the crematory procedures and didn’t get any time to grieve my father’s death. Meanwhile, my mother’s health worsened each passing day. Dropping oxygen levels forced me to take her to the hospital. We had oxygen cans, cylinders and all medications at home, but nothing worked.

Mother of anchor Aarushi Verma. Story by The Winged Women

The doctors put her on a ventilator for some days, but her body started having internal bleeding. I was spending day and night outside the hospital while my extended family was busy saying I didn’t cremate my father properly. A little later, my mother got an internal shock and the doctors asked me to shift her to a multi-speciality hospital.

The “8-minute” ambulance ride from one hospital to another were the scariest of my life. This travel worsened her health further. After a couple of days, the doctors told me your mother is recovering although we don’t know the source of internal bleeding. Meanwhile, my mother was consistently pressing upon going back home.

I lost track of time. After 13 days of hospitalisation, the doctors called me at 5:00 pm to inform that my mother lost the battle due to cardiac arrest!!! This was just after 15 days of losing my father.

My world had crashed in a couple of days and I had NO ONE to look ahead to!!

Two of my friends were informed about the situation, they took me to the ‘house’, which now didn’t feel like ‘home’.

I cremated my mother with all rituals. My extended family started behaving weird.

It was my best friend’s wedding a month later so I decided to help her with the preparations. She is family to me so I busied myself with her. Soon after, I had a car accident which dislocated my shoulder and fractured my ribs. I was on completed bed rest for over 1.5 months with no support.

While it was hard to survive, I decided to begin life yet again…

I started taking therapies and engrossed myself in work. I am an anchor by profession. In 90 days, my mother’s blessings led me to do 70 shows, including corporate events and wedding celebrations. Work is going great and it gives me immense satisfaction to bring happiness to others in my shows.

Anchor Aarushi Verma hosting a show. Story by The Winged Women
Aarushi hosting a show

It’s almost going to be an year since I lost my parents. It feels empty at home but I choose to keep myself going with work projects. I am a strong Covid warrior and my mother raised me to live life with strength!

I have hosted shows for SBI, Airtel, Lakme, Tata Motors, Diwan Saheb and many big brands in the past six years. I also went for solo trips and solo dates after I lost my parents.

Anchor Aarushi Verma on a solo trip. She is a strong covid warrior.
Anchor Aarushi Verma on a solo trip

Life has changed a lot but I know I have to move on as my parents would want me to!!”

Aarushi’s story is similar to many others who have faced a lot amid the pandemic. Her will to give 100 per cent to her work despite all life challenges is inspirational. If you liked her story, you can read stories about many other inspirational influencers and warriors at our website.

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2 thoughts on “Lost both parents, faced deadly accident, yet didn’t give up: Read more about THIS strong Covid warrior”

  1. I know how it feels to lost someone and that to due to covid, i lost someone very dear to me too, i will just say that you are very strong, seeing your enthusiasm to live life is commendable. And your story actually gives us a lesson that what we still have is a blessing for us

  2. More power to ARUSHI
    You really are a warrior to me
    So BRAVE
    & always remember, u can count on me like 1, 2, 3, i’ll be there.

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