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Indian belly dance trainer Preeti sizzles despite harsh body shaming comments

D.A.N.C.E.! This word made more sense to me than any other toddler in school. For a 3-year-old Preeti, dance, and music meant the world. Now a well-known belly dance trainer, I used to spend hours admiring television actress Helen for her excellent dance moves and style. 

belly dance trainer Preeti  grooving

Growing up with 2 siblings in our small home was calming. I completed my studies and went to train with famous dance trainer Shiamak Davar. Those 3 years in his training academy helped me improve my techniques. While my love for dance didn’t die, life took over, and responsibilities led me to leave it for other things.

Preeti's Shiamak Dawar days. story by The Winged Women
Preeti’s training days under Shiamak Dawar academy

About 13 years ago, one random day, I was searching for dance classes to help me improve my physical fitness. Once again, I stepped into the world of dance to join belly dance classes. The very first class gave me a sense of belongingness and comfort. It was like something that I had been doing since my previous life. 

This feeling was enough to convince me to persuade dance for life. I decide to get further training to improve my dance postures and techniques. I was a bit overweight, and initially, I was hesitant about belly dancing. However, my teacher and fellow students were supportive. They encouraged me to become a belly dance trainer as I used to guide my friends too. 

Belly dancer Preeti enjoying her moves

DM’s like – ‘you are fat’ and ‘you won’t look good while belly dancing’ lowered my confidence. I decided to work on myself and started taking therapy. I didn’t want to give others a chance to stop me from doing what makes me happy. 

One incident remains engraved in my mind to date. We went to a ‘Belly dance festival.’ Some international teachers were coming to teach us. It was the first day of our class, and no one took me seriously. Most of them thought that I wouldn’t be able to perform. Later that evening, many students were called to perform on stage. My performance was the most appreciated one.

Day 2 was surprisingly pleasant as many students came to meet me. From being ‘no one’ in our belly dance learner’s group, I now became ‘someone’ who knows nice moves. That day, I decided that there was no going back now. I chose to call myself a ‘belly dancer’ and started teaching those who were interested in the art form. Being a belly dance trainer brought a sense of pride and confidence in me.

Belly dancer Preeti enjoying dance performance. Story by The Winged Women

Many people ridiculed me for being overweight and choosing a dance form that apparently ‘doesn’t suit my body type.’ But who cares? My belly loved grooving, and my heart jumped joyfully every time it moved!

When I posted reels on Instagram, I received hateful DM’s. People trolled me about being overweight and eating a lot! Some even said I’ll get a heart stroke! But the platform also opened other opportunities for me. Two of my reels went viral, and many people started enquiring about classes. The popularity came with lots of hatred and love. By now, I had learned to take things in a healthy way!

I stayed consistent, and today I am a proud belly dance trainer, who has taught students of all ages. My youngest student was a four-year-old girl, and the oldest one was 70! Hard to believe, right? Teaching the 70-year-old woman was eye-opening, I realized that if she wants to learn at this age – I can definitely teach while ignoring the bullies! 

Belly dance is one of the most beautiful and forgiving dance forms. If you want to do something you are passionate about, it is your duty as a human being to try and pursue it in this lifetime!

Body shaming is deeply grounded in our Indian society. We often judge people by their size. Preeti exemplifies that we are not defined by our body but by our contributions to this world. As a belly dance performer and trainer, she spreads happiness and confidence everywhere she goes! 

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6 thoughts on “Indian belly dance trainer Preeti sizzles despite harsh body shaming comments

  1. Wen I hear the word belly dance ..the only one I can think is @preeti.. Done a few beautiful worshops with her and felt blessed tat got a opportunity to do a stage performance with her..Preeti u are the best. I thank you always tat I got to learn few bellydance choreography from u, but above all I Thank you for making me love my body! U made me realise tat it does not really matter wat people say about your body as far as u r happy wit your body and u love to dance ..just go ahead and dance. Love u Preeti and I pray tat u get all the happiness in the world.

    1. Thank you Maria my darling! I’m so happy I could be instrumental in some way. Keep dancing and be the bomb babe you are❤️

  2. Preeti is an awesome and beautiful dancer… very inspiring. Keep up the great work and dance like noone is watching! ????

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