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Incomplete schooling, early marriage – Nothing stopped Heena from becoming a ‘famous female baker’

Heena Kausar Yasser Raad is a famous female baker from Mumbai. Despite having more than 105k followers on Instagram, this inspiring woman conducts bakery classes for thousands of women who wish to make their career in baking. Due to certain life challenges, she couldn’t complete her schooling, but she didn’t let this stop her from fulfilling her dream.

The Winged Women recently interviewed this young baker, who is a great inspiration to thousand’s others. We are sharing these details here hoping that many women will learn how she overcame obstacles to become successful. Happy reading!

Owner of Creamycreationsbyhkr featured by The Winged Women

Who is Heena Kausar?

I was born on 5th January 1994 and I couldn’t complete my education due to some family issues. I got engaged at the age of 12 years, was married by 14 and gave birth to my first child when I was 15 years old. Back then, I lived the life of a housewife who used to do everything for others’ happiness.

During my early childhood days, I stayed with my Nani (maternal grandmother), who was a poor lady. So, my childhood keeps me grounded.

Owner of Creamycreationsbyhkr - Heena Kausar featured by The Winged Women

How did you get into baking?

I started my career at the age of 21. So, my mother forwarded me a random cake baking video on WhatsApp as she was craving for it. I tried making it, and it was a blunder. Nevertheless, my mother encouraged me, saying, “Let’s call it a Chocolate Parantha”. My mother wanted me to do a professional baking course. Meanwhile, she took care of my youngest child, who was just four months old at that time.

Famous female baker Heena Kausar with her mother - featured by The Winged Women
Heena with her mother

After some time, people started liking my cakes, and I did an advanced baking course with my mother’s financial support. I didn’t have enough money to buy basic fondant tools, so I sold my jewelry to expand my business.

What was your first workshop like?

I didn’t have the means to conduct a proper workshop. I organized at my Nani’s house with just a mat on the floor and five eager students ready to pay Rs 1500 to learn baking. Today, I take seminar’s that are attended by hundreds of girls. It is because my mother and my husband supported me.

Famous female baker Heena Kausar with her husband
Heena Kausar with her husband

Tell us about some of your best moments as a baker

Initially, when I couldn’t afford an oven, I got an order of 35 cakes. I cooked the entire order on a regular gas stove while managing my one-year-old baby.

cake made by heena kausar
Cake made by Heena at Food Festival India

I got a chance to participate in Food Festival India for three days. I also participated in a competition hosted by LLB Mumbai, where I was appreciated for my skills.

Owner of Creamycreationsbyhkr - Heena Kausar hosting a bakery workshop

Today, when I go out for an outing to any place in India, people are eager to meet me, and it feels great to know that people consider me as a famous female baker.

What was your first order and the whole experience?

My first order was a 250-gm cake that I sold for Rs 150. At that time, I used to deliver the cakes myself. I couldn’t afford a delivery boy.

What was the most challenging baking moment for you?

Participating in Food Festival India was quite challenging for me. There were well-known bakers from Taj, Theobroma, La Pastry and more. I was the only home-baker there, and I didn’t even have that much experience. It was only because I worked hard day and night to plan my cake that I could finally make it there.

Heena Kausar with her kids
Heena Kausar with her kids

How did Covid-19 affect your business?

I was quite tensed about my earnings when the first lockdown was imposed. I knew that I, as an individual, could survive, but my employees aren’t so financially strong. So, I had to work harder for them. By the grace of God, I earned almost double my regular income during lockdown by selling a good number of cakes and was able to offer financial assistance to my employees.

How do you manage motherly duties and professional life together?

Well, I don’t take any mental pressure. Whenever there is an issue, I remain patient. I believe patience can solve every problem. My husband is supportive and understanding. He is ten years older than me, and we have been together for 13 years now. He trusts me and encourages me to do better.

How is your bond with your mother and daughter?

My mother and daughters are my only best friends. We keep each other’s secrets. My eldest daughter is 12-years-old, and she helps me with Zoom calls and manages a lot of my work. Her workshop bookings go full even before mine.

What advice will you give to aspiring bakers?

To all aspiring and budding bakers, I will say “believe in yourself”. If you don’t explore yourself and go into self-doubt, you won’t be able to become a famous female baker. Be confident in who you are. For example, I am not too perfect at speaking English, but that doesn’t stop me from conversing in that language. I try. Nothing can stop you!!

I couldn’t complete my studies, but now I feel that if others can’t help me, I can give wings to myself. I pass the same belief to my daughters too.

Famous female baker Heena Kausar - an inspiring woman

Today, I teach my daughters at home. Would you believe that a mother who is herself not so educated is teaching her daughter? I think one should always keep learning.

This journey of famous female baker – Heena speaks volumes about what a woman can achieve if she has the will to do hard work. Her passion and dedication towards her work is a great example for every woman who wants to build a career in bakery. Through her bakery classes, she is giving birth to so many ‘wingedwomen’.

You can read the inspiring stories of other well-known influencers or also share your own. If you have a story that can inspire others, feel free to reach us at

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    1. You are an inspiration for us Ma’am uh never know how much I’m dying to meet u you are the best and best cake Baker I am your big fan mama mujhe bhi aap ko class joind karnea par family mei financial problem ki but I love u alot may u go more ahead

  1. I am ur student heena ma’am. M proud of myself that i was ur student & really u r inspiration for us such home bakers 💯🥺
    I appreciate ur work ma’am seriously 💯👍.you r very kind heart women thats y Allah is always with you & I wish u do more success day by day.

    1. Ma’am aap hum sab k liye inspiration ho. Aapse bohattt kuch seekhne ko mila. Aur aap jis tarah se motivate karte ho apne students ko uska to jawab hi nahi. Aapki journey se ek seekh mili hai hum sab ko k kaise b haalaat ho haar nahi manni. Aapki ek baat lifetime yaad rahegi k Puri loyalty k saath apna kaam karo Allah barkat dega hi tumhare kaam main. Love you ma’am 😘

  2. I too the students of heena ma’am and m proud of myself being ua student is too great experience..u r inspiration of many..u r also God gifted..thnk u so much ma’am 😘

    1. Maashallah, I am loving your stuff and work. Your childhood and teenage included a lot of struggle but now you are blessed. Love you, Heena di.. ♥️

  3. I never met mrs. Heena , but we were on Facebook when she started her journey. Even being a stranger i hve seen her growth Masha Allah. She helped me to promote my brand. She is very down to earth in nature. Very kind and beautiful inner n out. She inspire me to expand my business and keep hustling even though we are not from same field. May Allah grant u more success ameen. She truly try to uplift others that’s y she is ruling hearts.

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    1. Heena mam very proud of you main bhi aapke Jaisi Banna chahti ho inshallah main bhi koshish jarur karungi amee Allah aapko hamesha Nek hidayat de Allah aapko aur successful Karen Love you heena mam 🥰🥰

  5. Unbelievable maam but there is a one thing I have to say “jaha chah hoti h waha rah hoti h” or mehnat krne wale ki kabhi haar nhi hoti

    1. Assalamualaikum
      ALLAH paak Apko or kamiyab kare mujh bhi baker banna hai or apse hi course krna h is liye Mai bhi paise jama Kr rhi hu Jaise hi honga Mai sb se pehle join karungi classes ????

  6. Just wanted to appreciate the person and the team behind the wingedwomen you guys are doing such a great job and inspiring so so so many young women out there who wants to start there own business or do anything they want to

  7. I’m student of Heena mam and I’m proud of myself being your student I’m glad to get a great experience.Thankyou so much for inspiraing home bakers.I wish you do more success day by day.

  8. Mam aap bohat he aache ho aap ke awaaz aur baatein sonkar saari tention dur hojati the way you talk give examples jeena ke umange aajati aise lagata hai ke hamare kafi purana close relations hai like family member mam aap ke paas mujhe classes joint karna some reason nahi kar pa rahe ho inshallah zarur karo gi .aap bohat saaf dil ke ho. Aur inshallah allah aap ko aur success mile dono jaha mai aafiyat ke saath . Mam you are the best cake baker best mom best friend of your child and best wife best daughter all rounder mashallah ❤️❤️❤️ allah buri Nazar se hifazat karey ameen summa ameen ❤️❤️❤️

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  10. U are such a wonderful soul and a mind blowing lady. I am very blessed that I was your student ☺️. With your teaching and recepies and all that which I have learned from you is helping me alot. Alhamdulillah. Every body is liking my cakes a lot. Its all just because of you mam. All your students love you alot mam. I thank Allah he made such a wonderful lady like you in our life. In Shaa Allah we all students will make you proud. And In Shaa Allah because of you our husband parents our kids are going to be proud. With lots of love. Stay blessed and happy ☺️.

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    Mam ur the best teacher best frnd best person even a best mother..we have seen u..aap jaise handle krte ho sab it’s actually hat’s off to u..
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    Luv n Jolly person.❤️💞

  13. I am a student of yours from the jogeshwari masterclass

    I loved the way you taught and you were one of my top inspiration but after reading this my heart melted and you inspire me more than before now I just love your cakes and now I love your baking journey too

    Thanks for being such a great inspiration

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