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THIS woman left 15-years of corporate career to start her own bohemian jewellery business

Hello readers, today we bring you the story of a woman entrepreneur – Nekta Narang, who gave up her 15-years-long corporate career to start a bohemian jewellery business, labelled – The Boho Bling. She is now her own boss.

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  • Who is Nekta Narang?

I am a passionate woman who likes to be independent. I started buying stuff with my self-earned money at the age of 18. I am a mother and wife, and I also own a bohemian jewellery business.

Founder of The Boho Bling styling her bohemian jewellery
  • Tell us how did you start this business.

In 2020, Covid-19 made me realise that I can do more than just a job. There was a lot of suffering everywhere, and I knew it was now or never. So, I started this business within the walls of my home. I worked hard to make it possible for the business to get popular amongst youngsters. Initially, it was hard to handle all things as I am not so aware about marketing strategies on Instagram. But it was because I was dedicated to my goal that I was able to grow the business.  

  • How did you start The Boho Bling?

Until 2019, I worked as a jewellery designer in a well-known company. At that time, I randomly created a personal Instagram account, which I gradually changed into a business account. Things were going fine, but the game actually changed after Covid struck in 2020, and I started reaching out to influencers who agreed to do promotions for me.

Founder of The Boho Bling styling aesthetic boho jewellery
  • What all challenges did you face when you shifted from a full-time job to a business?

Of course, there were a lot of problems when I started the business. Since we started the business from home, it was crucial to learn to use Instagram for promoting the business. I gradually realised that not being a tech-savvy person was a significant drawback.

Now, my husband and especially my 9-year-old son, help me handle the Instagram part.

  • What is so unique about your bohemian jewellery business?

The boho jewels that we sell are made by Indian kaarigars. These kaarigars don’t come from a well-off background, but they put their heart and soul into each jewel because that’s their bread and butter. When someone buys from ‘The Boho Bling’, they are supporting a family, which is so special about us.

  • When you started the business, was it hard for you to get hardworking kaarigars (vendors)?

It wasn’t so hard to get the kaarigars because I have been in the jewellery line for a long time. Learning Instagram was a more significant challenge for me.

Indian kaarigars making handcrafted bohemian jewellery for The Boho Bling
  • Who is your biggest support in this business?

I think my biggest support is ‘me’. I believe that to do anything in life; one has to be confident about their abilities. Nobody can support you unless you trust in yourself. 

  • How did you decide upon the name – The Boho Bling?

Before this bohemian jewellery business, I started a clothing line. That business was doing great. Soon after, the big brands took over, and things started getting hard, and we had to shut it down. So, I have seen the losses too.

As I have been working on bohemian jewellery for a long time, the name comes from my love for boho stuff. I added ‘bling’ because I also wanted to have some touch of glamour in it.

  • Tell us about a few things that people love about The Boho Bling?

Most of our customers are in awe of our earrings. We have necklaces, bags, bracelets and other things, but earrings are the most loved item. Also, the pricing is quite affordable.

Some beautiful jewellery by The Boho Bling
  • Where do you get the inspiration for your unique designs?

We always do prior research before finalising any piece of jewellery. I explore ongoing trends in the European and Japanese markets before launching things in the Indian market.

  • How hard has it been for you to run this bohemian jewellery business as a woman?

I feel that for any Indian woman, it is crucial to have a supportive family. Because of my husband’s constant support, I have been able to do well. As of now, the brand is available in LBB, Amazon and our official website. We are also planning to expand to increase sales through Myntra.

Nekta Narang at her aesthetic boho jewellery stall for The Boho Bling
  • What is your biggest achievement for The Boho Bling?

We did a collab with an influencer which helped us bag about 150 orders in a single day. This was a big achievement because the number of orders was really low when I started the business.

At that point, I understood how one woman’s support for another can do wonders. Promotions through MBM and Leena Bhushan helped us a lot.  

Leena Bhushan and Manveen Kaur styling The Boho Bling products
Left: Leena Bhushan styling an exquisite neckpiece by The Boho Bling
Right: Manveen Kaur styling The Boho Bling’s colourful sling
  • What would you say to the women who want to start their own business?

To all the budding entrepreneurs, I would like to say believe in yourself. A woman can do anything if she wants. The inspiration and confidence come from within. Of course, you can feel inspired by looking at other women. Many women influencers have been doing great. But, at the end of the day, it all comes from within.

We shared little details hoping that many budding women entrepreneurs will know that IT IS OKAY to do what you want to do and that it is never too late to start..

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