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Teacher turns entrepreneur, starts successful crochet business to empower women

Do you remember your favorite schoolteacher? Of course, you do! It’s rather difficult to forget that one teacher who taught you not just the best of the subject but also of life! Today’s story is about a schoolteacher Nishtha Suri who remained a star favorite for 27 years until she decided to take the tough call to start and lead a successful crochet business. Let’s hear it from her.

My affair with crafts started in my early childhood. As a bubbly girl, I was always inclined toward interesting crafts like knitting, painting, and sketching. ‘Nishtha padhai mein dhyan lagao,’ was mom’s constant advice. This passion led me to read books, interact with peers, and self-experiment to improve my skills. All of this remained a mere hobby and died with tides of time. 

Nishtha's teaching days before she started taking online crochet learning classes
Nishtha’s teaching days

I took up the job of a primary school teacher to face life challenges. Despite my busy professional schedule, I made spare time for my art to handcraft beautiful crochet and embroidery home decor. 

On October 6, 2019, I casually asked my daughter to post a picture of my work on social media. Surprisingly, queries started coming in, and people wanted me to make more amazing craftworks. I was 54, so the dream of building a successful crochet business seemed impossible. 

Nishtha's handmade, a successful crochet business run by a 56-yea-old woman

Initially, my husband wasn’t quite supportive as he couldn’t think of future monetary benefits. Other people counseled me to roll back my decision. Many people labeled my passion a retirement gimmick that’ll die down in a few months. Some said crocheting is a petty job that a high-standard woman shouldn’t take up. Others said that I will never be able to earn over a few thousand. Little did they know that I just got my first order for 50 crochet earrings by posting just one picture!

Nishtha with her husband

By this time, I knew God had bigger plans for me, but I had my inhibitions about starting an online business. I was a technology-averse person who wasn’t aware of marketing on social media, but I still wanted to fulfill my dream of running a successful crochet business. I decided to shift roles from being a social science teacher to a social media student. My daughter tutored me to take online courses, workshops and manage Instagram. 

I started picking orders and rekindled my love for art! It was like I am living my childhood all over again!! After about 1.5 years of managing my teaching career and small business, I knew things were getting difficult. I found it hard to manage both at once because order numbers were significantly increasing, and I hate to say no to a customer. 

Nishtha posing with a beautiful macrame art home decor piece. The 54-year-old is running a successful crochet business

Just 3 years before my retirement, I decided to resign from my job and give my heart and soul to building a successful crochet business. My husband had just lost his job amid the pandemic, and there was no earning member in my family, yet I decided to take the leap of faith and do it all with grace. 

After 3 years of starting this business, curating 300+ orders, earning a 6 figure income, and teaching macrame and crochet art to 150+ students, I can proudly say that I became an entrepreneur at the age of 56, and I am hell proud of that!  

I have taught these arts to my daughter, as they have a meditative effect. One of her initial projects was crocheting a pair of socks for her boyfriend’s mother. I like to keep an open mind and move ahead with this generation.

Nishtha posing with her Macrame and crochet decor orders

Nishthas Handmade’ isn’t just a successful crochet business. It is a hope to empower many women to go beyond and achieve their dreams. I have helped many women to gain financial independence, and I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life! 

Nishtha is a cool mom, a great entrepreneur, and a star favorite teacher! Who said women can’t do it after they turn 50? Inspiring right? Check out more stories on our website, you are set for a motivational ride! Happy reading!

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