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THIS skincare business owner turned the idea of ‘beta hota to acha hota’ into ‘beti hi achi hai’

Hello readers, today we bring you the story of a Mumbai girl – Sajda, whose ambitions and hard work led her to spread her wings despite being born into a stereotypical and orthodox family. Let’s hop into the story of this skincare business owner who dared to prove to the world that women are no less than men.

Skincare business owner - Sajda celebrating the success of her brand Organisch Essentials

My birth was a happy moment for maa and baba, but my relatives were stuck upon ‘beta hota toh acha hota’. Some of them said ‘beta hoga to badmein dhyan rakhega’, others said he will carry forward your lineage.

Baby Sajda posing with her father. Story by The Winged Women
Baby Sajda with her dad

As I grew up, people started asking my parents to plan a sibling as if it is the gateway to happiness. All of this affected my confidence levels, and I started feeling demotivated. However, my parents fought against such believers, saying that she is our son and daughter.

Baby Sajda with her mother. Inspirational women stories by The Winged Women
Baby Sajda with her mom

I’ve always wanted to do something for my parents, so I became a skincare business owner and started ‘Organisch Essentials’.

Earlier, my mother enjoyed watching luxury skincare brands on TV and aspired to use them. However, coming from a middle-class family, it wasn’t so easy for us to get our hands on expensive products. She would always say, “Abhi dusri cheezein leni hai”. So, I decided to make such stuff for her at home using inexpensive ingredients at the best quality. That’s how I started my business with an initial investment of just Rs. 1000.

Organisch Essentials' Skincare business owner, Sajda posing with her parents
Sajda with her parents

My mother loves my brand’s products. Our lip scrub is her absolute favourite, and she also loves the anti-baldness hair care gel.

Skincare products by Sajda's brand Organisch Essentials.

While my relatives were busy calculating if a son would be better than a daughter, my parents supported me with product packaging, giving me business ideas and whatnot! The Covid-19 lockdown was tough as orders were incredibly low, but baba always said, “beta sab din aate hai, aisa time se seekhna chahiye what life is”.

Today, I get lots of orders every day, and I am proud to say that I gifted a gold chain and a precious ring to my parents on day 1 of becoming a skincare business owner

Sajda's parents opening gifts bought from her first earning of her skincare brand
Sajda’s parents opening their gifts

If I can do it, you can do it too!! Don’t let them tell you that you are less than anyone ever!

Fighting against orthodox beliefs and patriarchy is never an easy task. Women like Sajda are why the world is gradually progressing to a state of equality. If you believe women are no less than men, drop a comment below to boost Sajda’s confidence even more.

After all, women empower women!!

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