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Home » Popular celebrity dietician worked for 16-hours a day, proud father says, ‘tune naam kama liya’ – Read story

Popular celebrity dietician worked for 16-hours a day, proud father says, ‘tune naam kama liya’ – Read story

Hello readers, today we bring you the story of a popular celebrity dietician – Shweta Gupta, who initially worked hard for more than 16 hours before she became a household name.

Let’s hop into the story of this nutritionist who has helped thousands of people become healthy so her father can be proud of her.

Dietician Shweta Gupta in her clinic. Story by The Winged Women

Besides being a popular nutritionist, who is Shweta?

I am a really simple girl. Eight years ago, I was like every other girl – living a normal college life, completing my education and spending time with family. Initially, I worked as an assistant for Dr Shikha Sharma, a popular celebrity dietician. After working hard for a long time, I was promoted to a senior position there. I have also done internships in Ganga Ram and completed a diabetes-expert course from Medanta hospital.

I am my parent’s only child, and my father has always encouraged me to achieve big in life. It was on 27 March 2014 that I started my clinic. As word-of-mouth spread, I started getting more clients. Today, by the grace of God, I have a team of 10 people who help me manage clients from across the world. I have about 70k followers on Instagram, and all this is sheer hard work.

Dietician Shweta Gupta with actor Urvashi Rautela. Story by The Winged Women
Dietician Shweta Gupta with actor Urvashi Rautela

When did you decide that you wanted to become a nutritionist?

Most of the people in my family have either done CA or MBA, but I always knew that I wanted to do something different. Also, my father wanted me to do something not just help but educate people. My father was my only inspiration, and it is because of him that I stepped into this field of nutrition.

When I cleared my Class 10 exam, my father had started encouraging me to become a dietician.

Dietician Shweta Gupta in her clinic. Story by The Winged Women

When you started working as a nutritionist, people weren’t much aware of the profession. What was the initial response?

When I finally started my work, people didn’t consider this profession respectful. They said, “khaane-pine ka kaam hai, ghar-grahasti sambhaelgi” (it’s just a homely thing to do). They thought that she will pass time like this, get married and become a housewife.

Back then, I was working with Dr Shikha, and my father asked me to take an urgent leave. He had actually set up an entire clinic in one room of our house. That tiny space had just a regular chair and a table. But I was happiest.

My first client was my father. He said that if I can reduce weight through your diet, you will have a long line of clients.

Father and mother of celebrity nutritionist Shweta Gupta - Story by The Winged Women
Nutritionist Shweta Gupta with her father and mother

I have worked hard since the beginning of my career. Now, people stop my father when he is going somewhere, only to ask for an appointment from me. He says, “tune naam kama liya Shweta” (you’ve earned respect, Shweta).

What did you aspire to become when you were a child?

I thought I’d be a teacher because I loved writing on boards. I used to ask my friends and cousins to sit down like students so that I could act like a teacher. As a nutritionist also, I am educating people about health-related matters. So, I am content with the work that I do.

Childhood pictures of dietician Shweta Gupta. Story by The Winged Women

Does your family fear eating junking around you?

Haha! Yes, it happens a lot. They are like don’t cook this ahead of Shweta. She will tell you the calorie count. Not just this, if any of my clients sees me at a family gathering or wedding, they hide so that I don’t tell them not to eat unhealthily.

The reverse also happens. My cousins keep telling me do your clients know you are eating junk. My in-laws are also big foodies. So, my profession affects everyday life. I plan to get my husband to eat healthy, but he convinces me to eat with him soon.

Tell us about the weight-loss journey of a client who was challenging for you.

One of my clients, named Nishi, was 134 kgs. She had PCOD and thyroid. Her family wanted her to lose weight and get married soon. Her father was crying while asking me to help her.

When I started giving her diets, I realized she was a challenging client because she constantly asked for changes in her diet. Also, she was witnessing severe hormonal imbalance. I helped her for about nine months, and she lost 39 kgs! All her medical conditions have been cured. She is married, has a baby, and is happy with her journey. She actually sent me a picture when her baby was born.

This is one of my most significant achievements as a popular celebrity dietician.

What is your motivational factor?

There are four motivating factors in my journey. First is my clients’ satisfaction. They always come to my clinic with a broad smile because they feel good about losing weight. The second motivation is my father. Even when clients stop taking diets without reason, he is my backbone. The third is my husband, who constantly supports me and is proud of my work.

Dietician Shweta Gupta with her husband. Story by The Winged Women
Dietician Shweta Gupta with her supporting husband

Lastly, the team of Newbeginnings is a huge support. They are so happy to work and share little achievements with me with great enthusiasm.

Dietician Shweta Gupta with her Newbeginningsbynsg team
Dietician Shweta Gupta with her Newbeginningsbynsg team

What are your future plans for New Beginnings?

I have big plans. I want to open multiple clinics at different locations. Also, I want to kick-start a one-stop health studio wherein people will get dietary consultation, products, exercise, and enjoy getting healthy.

Shweta’s journey explains that there is a lot of hard work before one finally gains popularity. She inspires so many women who follow some Hatke(different) passion and are constantly judged by society.

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