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From not knowing English to teaching 100’s, THIS female English educator defines that women can do anything

Sonali Hemnani is a female English educator today. A couple of years ago she herself used to face lot of challenges because of her inability to understand English. Her dedication has led her to make a living out of the very thing that was a cause of humiliation earlier.

The Winged Women recently interviewed this talented woman, who is a great inspiration to thousand’s others. We are sharing these details here hoping that many women will learn how she overcame obstacles to become successful. Happy reading!

What defines Sonali and what’s your goal?

I am a very simple girl who has always dreamt of achieving something in life. As a female English educator, now I am trying to create awareness among women that they can also achieve something in life.

I knew that I could take up English-speaking classes to boost my morale and those I teach. I haven’t completed my post-graduation, but I am confident when I teach. This is because I understand the importance of a practical approach to learning languages.

Female english educator - Sonal Hemnani's inspiring story by The Winged Women

What all problems did you face when didn’t know proper English?

People tend to believe that a person who converses well in English has a good personality overall. Due to this myth, many women in my family also faced many problems.

I was in class 10 when I planned to join English speaking classes, but my family didn’t allow me to go far to learn ‘English’. I was so dedicated to learning this language that I somehow managed to get teaching notes from the institute. I started practising on my own, without the help of any teacher. The teachers in my school didn’t really converse with us in English. So, all that I have learnt is on my own.

What made you start ‘English with Sonali’?

As I have mentioned, I have myself faced many challenges simply because I didn’t know how to converse in English. So, I understand how hard it is to be in a world where people judge you for not learning a particular language. Today, parents need to give interviews even to get their child admitted to school. This becomes challenging for women who don’t feel confident.

When did you start ‘English with Sonali’?

Two years ago, I was a female English educator in an online institution. When my husband used to see me teaching, he realised that I was a great teacher. His encouragement and my belief in myself led me to think that I could do this. Today, ‘English with Sonali’ has helped many women and kids learn simply by sitting at home.

Female english educator - Sonal Hemnani taking english speaking classes
Sonali taking English speaking and personality development classes online

How many students did you have initially?

When I first started in 2020, I had just four students, and I used to earn Rs 2000 only. Even though it wasn’t a big amount, it gave me immense satisfaction because it was for a student who couldn’t even transfer money online. Today, I have taught more than 150 students. Just because I believed in myself, I am able to make over Rs 1 lakh a month now.

English with Sonali featured by The Winged Women

What is the teaching pattern you use to help students learn?

After taking proper English learning courses from various institutions, I have seen people come to me. They often don’t learn because institutes don’t focus on a practical approach. I work on the conversational part in my classes, and I don’t believe in taking advance payments for extended time periods. I take a month’s pay because women often get busy with their household chores and can’t continue.

Tell us about how you’ve changed the life of a student

There are a lot of students, but one particularly excelled in the classes. Her name is Neha. She joined me an year back only to help in her kids’ admission. Now, she has worked so hard with me that she fluently converses in English.

Do you think women are ashamed to learn English even today?

Yes, of course. Many of my students come to join the classes after facing some humiliation, either from family members or from outsiders. Women themselves start feeling under-confident because of not comprehending everyday things. I always say that ‘learning has no age’, being a female English educator, I always encourage women to learn.

You said that your father and husband helped you grow in this career. How important is familial support for a woman’s career growth?

My husband has been like a pillar in my growth. He encourages me to do what I am doing. Also, my father is another gem in my life. His belief in me led me to support so many other women.

Female english educator - Sonal Hemnani's inspiring story by The Winged Women
Left – Sonali’s supportive father, Right – Sonali’s encouraging husband

This journey of female English educator – Sonali speaks volumes about what a woman can achieve if she has the will to do hard work. Her passion and dedication towards her work is a great example for every woman who wants to feel confident. Through her English speaking classes, she is giving birth to so many ‘wingedwomen’.

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  1. In deed a visionary and hardworking teacher ! U will go a long way and leave a mark in many life’s ! Way to go

  2. It would be a great plasure to learn something from u. I m too struggling with the same. Btw kudos to u n ur hardwork.

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