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From a dreamy marriage to stage 2 breast cancer, survivor Dahlia stands tall against odds

Mother! This word is packed with a lot of emotions for everyone in this world. Many of us know people who have lost their mothers and live with a never-ending pain. Dahlia Tutejaa is one such girl, who lost her mom at an early age. Her life’s most dreadful moment was her stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis and the feeling that just like her, her daughter might have to live without a mom. Let’s dive into this warrior’s story!

Dahlia Tutejaa, an inspirational Breast cancer survivor with her family. Story by The Winged Women
Left – Dahlia & her siblings with their father, Right – Dahlia’s mom

I was a 5-year-old bubbly girl when my mom burnt herself. While I lost my best friend, the innocent girl in me failed to understand what actually happened. Deep down I knew some bad had happened. 

After losing the mother of the family, my father tried hard to take care of the three kids. However, he couldn’t bear the pain of losing his loved one and we lost our father to cardiac arrest. Soon after, my brother died in an accident! One year! One year and the whole house was shattered! Me and my sister helpless. It was scary and challenging to grow up without parents. 

My grandfather (nana ji) took us to our maternal home. That’s where we got a second mother – mami ji. She treated us like her own kids. Showered us with love and laughter. 

Dahlia Tutejaa, an inspirational Breast cancer survivor with her sister and mami ji. Story by The Winged Women
Left – Dahlia & her sister, Right – Dahlia’s mami ji

With mom’s blessings and mami ji’s love, we grew up to be decent girls. When I was 18 years of age, mami ji found me the perfect husband. He is the nicest man in my life! I was living a fairy tale life. I conceived after marriage and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. This was my happy world till I figured a lump around my breast. I was scared and went to the doctor who told me that I was suffering from Stage 2 breast cancer. 

Cancer survivor Dahlia with her husband in their wedding photograph
Dahlia’s wedding picture

As a kid who lost her mom at a young age, this was a nightmare for me! I didn’t want my kids to grow up without a mom so I gathered all courage to defeat breast cancer. The first few visits to the doctor were nerve-wrenching! 

Stage 2 breast cancer survival story. Survivor Dahlia in the picture.

I have been undergoing treatment since about six months now. My driving spirit is my kids and I will fight like a warrior. Whenever I come home from chemotherapy, my children make tea for me. They make sure to keep my jolly. 

Stage 2 breast cancer survivor story by The Winged Women
Dahlia with her kids

There is a long road ahead but I knew I will make it! After several chemotherapy sessions, a bilateral mastectomy, four Phesgo injections and 10 herceptin injections, I can proudly say that I have done it! I am now cancer-free! My kids will get to grow up with their mom and I am all set to bless them with the best in life and beyond! 

Dahlia’s fight against not just cancer but against all life challenges teaches us a lot about how we should handle our problems. The woman has stood tall in the toughest times. While she may have fallen, this inspirational Stage 2 breast cancer survivor has always stood up! 

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