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Daughter’s idea, mother’s talent, nurtured into a successful table decoration business

Amidst a hectic schedule, most mothers become habitual to running errands and forget to take care of their dreams. While mother – Minu limited life around her family, her daughter Anmol ensured her mom’s talent didn’t go ignored. And so, she set up a table decoration business.

Today’s story is about a relationship! The relationship between a mother-daughter duo and the power the duo exhibits when together. Read on to know more about the founders of ‘Style de Tisch’ – Anmol and Minu Agrawal. Happy reading!

Tell us a bit about yourself Anmol

I am a lawyer who has completed her graduation from Mumbai and her post-graduation from London. So, the idea to do something of my own first came to me when I was in London. My mother has always been into styling, but it was more of a guest pleasing thing until we started this table decoration business.

Style de Tisch owners Anmol & Minu Agrawal showcasing table decoration business
Left: Minu Agrawal, Right: Anmol Agrawal

I attended a seminar where I realized how great could a start-up be. After that, I planned to give my mother’s hidden talent a business lens. When we started it, it was just experimental. We randomly uploaded some pictures on Instagram, and things blew up.

What is Style de Tisch about?

Style de Tisch is an online luxury theme-based table decoration business in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. We curate setups as per the themes and interiors of houses. We use client sent pictures to design complete sets that can make their tables look luxurious. We also organize table styling and dining etiquette workshops, which helped us sail through hard Covid-19 lockdown. We were able to give – quality knowledge in the field as I got training from the British etiquette coach – Emma Dupont. She is the world’s best etiquette coach who has trained Prince Charles.

Table decoration business  online workshop by Style de tisch
Online workshop on table styling & etiquette by Style de Tisch

What is the idea behind Style de Tisch?

So, the idea behind the business is that whenever we plan an event, people forget to decorate the place where they build connections, which is the table where food is served. If looked at carefully, a table is the most crucial part of an event, and hence, it should look perfect so people can create beautiful memories while dining.  

How did you start the business?

The idea first came to me on 31 March 2018, and it took me two to three months to convince my mother to work on this. Even when she wasn’t too convinced, I shared pictures on Instagram. It was only after seeing the response that she conveniently agreed to begin. This was the first year of your business. Only the two of us handled things. Once I came back from London, we hired a marketing team and decided to give our heart and soul to kick start a table decoration business.

Mom-daughter duo setting up a beautiful table . Story by The Winged Women

What was the feeling of roping in the first customer?

Honestly, we weren’t worried about customer satisfaction because we were confident that people liked our work. Whenever guests came over, they would shower tons of praises. Moreover, ours was the first and only brand which came up with the idea of selling theme-based table styling setups.

Initially, it was hard to get customers because we had to create a market. We had to convince people that table styling is important. Now, we have clients who don’t want to miss a single collection.

You mentioned that you were a lawyer. What was your mother’s former profession?

My mother was a homemaker. When I pushed her to begin Style de Tisch, she wasn’t too ready. Ever since she joined the business, her lifestyle has completely changed. She is thankful to me for pushing her to give some exposure to her hidden talent.

How has your mother-daughter relationship changed?

We are glued to each other. More than 18 hours of my day go along with her. She is my best friend, my mother and my business partner too. The business has definitely brought us closer. There are also times when we disagree on a single thing, and that is when my father steps in. He is the bridge between us.

Style de Tisch owners. Story by The Winged Women

What were the challenges that you faced along the way?

The ultimate challenge was to create a demand for it in the market. It was important to work around making people understand the need for table styling.

What is the future vision of this business?

The future vision is to go international. We want every household to have Style de Tisch. It’s like Sabyasachi has created a market for himself in such a way that every bride wants it. So, we also want that for our table decoration business.

table decoration business by mom daughter entrepreneur
Some beautiful tables styled by Style de Tisch

Business idea of one, talent of another, now transformed into a successful business. This is why we at ‘The Winged Women’ always support ’empowered women, empowering women’.

You can scroll around our website to read more such inspirational women stories in the ‘influencer‘ and ‘warrior section’.  If you think you have a story too, hit the ‘contact us’ button on the top menu and write us your story today!

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