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7 years of ‘Style Diva Couture’: Here’s how famous female entrepreneur Malika Wadhwa grew

Malika Wadhwa is a famous female entrepreneur from New Delhi. Her brand – Style Diva Couture, is now followed by more than 1,28,000 people on Instagram. While some follow her for the quality products her brand sells, many women look up to her as a role model.

The Winged Women recently interviewed this diva, who is a huge inspiration to thousand’s others. Here’s what she said:

What defines Malika Wadhwa as woman?

My independence, confidence and my bindass attitude differentiates me from everyone else. I like to be my own boss and that’s what makes me “me”. If you are good with me then I am the best, but if you do me ill, you will see my worse side.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

What was Malika like five years earlier?

I started Style Diva Couture in 2015 and will be completing seven years in May 2022. I have completed my graduation in Economics, and I also have a masters degree in the same subject. I never planned to get into a clothing business as I was a topper in my school and for me, styling or fashion was never a thing. I guess destiny played its role and led me into creating this beautiful brand.

Back then, I started Style Diva Couture along with a friend but she left within a month. I continued the journey as I thought it was cool to handle a small business while I continued my studies.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

Which career did you plan for yourself in your childhood days?

“I started earning when I was thirteen”. I had a canvas at home and used to love painting. So, I started teaching that. I was in class 8th and even went for national-level competitions. I was also a great basketball player. I played at the state level.

My mother was a teacher before marriage in Dehradun. She started taking tuitions later, and I used to take tuitions of higher classes. After that, I decided to work in a bank, and that’s why I got into Economics honours. Many pandits said I would crack the IAS, so I was planning that too. But I guess destiny has its own role, and this is where I am now.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

What directed you to the fashion industry?

See, girls usually can’t be without two things – makeup and fashion. While makeup is an individual’s choice, clothes are a necessity and a luxury. Women need good clothes for parties, office meetings and even at home. As a girl I loved shopping and people used to ask me where I got things from. So, I decided why not start selling stuff and share it with others because many people were ready to pay the price.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

How did you start Style Diva Couture, and where did the name come from?

The word ‘Style’ came in because I liked styling things differently. ‘Diva’ defines a charismatic and charming personality. So that’s why I thought it should be ‘Style Diva Couture’. Couture was added because we deal in clothes. When we started ‘Style Diva Couture’, we were also into customisations, so that’s how the name was finalised.

You wear your clothes every day to boost your sales and help your buyers decide what’s best. What is your driving force to do so much hard work?

Haha, this is one of the most asked questions. Well, I love shooting, which encourages me to wake up. I believe my customers want to see me wearing the clothes I am selling because it improves reliability. I usually do it in the morning, so I have the day to myself. Also, my mom, who is my biggest supporter, is primarily free around that time.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

Also, when I started this business, my father was running his business in bookselling. With the coming of Amazon and Kindle, people were keener to read books online instead of buying hard copies. While that business didn’t seem to have a brighter future, my business was performing better than expected. So, I decided to take it to a higher level. “I can’t imagine my life without Style Diva Couture now!”. My dad now helps me manage my accounts, and he is super supportive.

Who is your inspiration?

I am really fond of famous female entrepreneur Ghazal Alagh because her brand – Mama Earth, has shown tremendous growth in the past two years. Many women entrepreneurs are doing great in the field, but few start from nowhere. When I started Style Diva Couture, I had just Rs 2000 with me.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

What is it like to work with you?

Well, I have a team that helps me run the whole business. I am a strict person when it comes to working. I like things to be perfect. Sometimes we spend over four hours to make that one perfect reel.

What’s the future vision for Style Diva Couture?

Well, we have big plans to take the brand to another level. I aim to style big celebrities like Alia Bhatt sometime in the future. The end of this year might bring big surprises for Styledivacouture lovers. I do wish to be a famous female entrepreneur in future.

Have you ever faced any gender bias or stereotype being a woman entrepreneur?

Of course, I have faced it all. The wholesale market where I get my stuff from is male-dominated, and the sellers prefer male customers over females. Initially, they used to quote me a higher price because I am a woman. It gets tricky when people come down to such gender biases. Later, when they saw that I was bringing them huge business, they gave me a better price.

Famous female entrepreneur - Malika Wadhwa by The Winged Women

Many people still back-bitch about me, but it’s a competitive industry. I know that people will copy me, but nobody can be ‘Style Diva Couture’. I believe “khudka kaam kroge to 10 kadam aage jaoge, copy karoge to aage nahi badhoge life mein” (If you do your own work, you’ll go 10 steps ahead, but copying won’t help you go ahead in life)

How do you feel that so many women feel inspired from you?

It feels great, but at the same time, I want people to know the struggle that I’ve had. It’s overwhelming when people recognise you while you are out for a random lunch. I still don’t consider myself a ‘brand’. There is still a long road ahead.

This journey of Style Diva Couture’s founder – Malika Wadhwa, is the journey of many women and girls out there who wish to start their own business and make it big in life. She is truly deserves to be a much more famous female entrepreneur.

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